Autonomous Driving and ADAS:

The automotive industry is already adapting to Level 0 to Level 2 Advanced Driver Assistance
Systems (ADAS) such as Lane Keeping Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, Parking Assist, etc.
Our comprehensive offerings are highly suitable to OEM’s and their suppliers (TIER1’s) for
the imminent transition from ADAS to fully automated driving, helping the current need of being prepared for Level 3 and beyond. Our expertise in engineering, testing toolchain, verification and validation helps to meet any specific need in Autonomous Driving, where our offerings are designed to cover the entire V cycle (from prototype to production).

System Engineering:

Software Development

Verification and Validation:

V&V Supporting

Chassis system

We have expertise in validating chassis relative systems. We support customers from test case derivation to validation.

We support test case derivation to ensure functional validation of all possible cases during the vehicle run, Maximize Validation Coverage in a closed loop. These derived cases are able to be used in any testing platform.

Building validation framework for XILS

• Plant model development for closed loop environment

• Rest bus simulation

• Test Automation

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