Gravity OCR (Handwritten Character Recognition System)


OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a system that converts paper data into character data.
Our OCR system can handle reports of any format and can automatically convert it into text data and import it into EDC or EMR systems. The imported text data can be modified on the spot, and you can select from expected keywords.


Please use it as a tool for rapid computerization in an environment where paper work is unavoidable.


The main functions are as follows.

Category Details
Read Use the camera function of your smartphone or tablet to import paper documents as image data.
Convert The captured character data is displayed on the screen immediately.
Review If the converted character information is incorrect, you can edit the character on the spot. At that time, similar words are displayed as options to assist editing.
Save Save the edited and captured data. Data can be linked with systems such as EDC and EMR.
Supported OS It supports both iOS and Android OS.

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