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Gravity EDC (Electronic Data Capture)

We provide all the functions of EDC at a low price and in a short period of time.

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Gravity EMR (Electronic Medical Record)

EMR (Electronic Medical Records) is a cloud-based electronic medical record.

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Gravity OCR (Handwritten Character Recognition System)

Gravity OCR is a system that automatically imports handwritten characters into character data from smartphone / tablet apps.

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Gravity ePRO

An electronic reporting system for PRO (Patient Reported Outcomes). It works with Gravity EDC and is available in a web browser. (App versions for iOS and Android are also available)

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Data Management

We accept data management operations utilizing EDC. In addition to clinical research, we also carry out clinical trials and data management in PMS, so please contact us in various cases.

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Statistical Analysis

Based on our abundant experience and knowledge, we support from planning to implementation of statistical analysis, report preparation, and general report preparation.

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About Us

We started a business to contribute to medical care and to put that thought into shape. Medical care is an area where systemization is still delayed. This is because in fields where human power and connections between people greatly contribute, it is not possible to realize appropriate medical care simply by introducing a system. There are immeasurable obstacles between patients receiving optimal treatment and doctors and healthcare professionals providing optimal medical care. We will contribute to the systematization of medical care by accumulating the necessary evidence with the power of the system and returning the know-how and technology we have cultivated. To connect each thought We will use the latest technology (Edge) for the development of medical care (Medical). [...]

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