Information security policy

Information and information systems (hereinafter referred to as information assets) are the most important assets for us, and we must make effective use of them and thoroughly implement information security measures. In addition, since the services provided by the Company handle information in the medical industry, it is necessary to manage information security in consideration of the impact on related stakeholders.

In order for our company to build, maintain, and maintain a trusting relationship with stakeholders including customers, the construction and operation of the information security management system is indispensable. We share information assets both internally and externally and share them, and it is necessary to work together as a company and contractors in the operation of ISMS. We promote the information security management system based on the basic policy set forth below.

  1. We should protect all tangible and intangible information assets that we handle. These information assets include not only our information but also information assets entrusted by customers.

  2. The Company shall take optimal information security measures according to the information assets handled.

  3. The Company is in charge of protecting the information assets from unauthorized alteration, leakage, destruction, theft, etc.

  4. The Company grasps internal and external situations and issues that affect information security, and sets risk criteria for these in the same manner as information assets.

  5. Our information security goals are as follows.

    1. We will prevent information security incidents and aim for zero incidents.

    2. When an information security incident occurs, we aim to minimize the damage and recover within the specified time and prevent recurrence.

    3. We will constantly respond to changes in internal and external factors that affect information security.

  6. This basic policy will be applied to all managers, employees and contract employees (hereinafter referred to as all employees).

  7. All employees act in accordance with established information security measures. In the unlikely event that an employee commits a violation, he or she may be disciplined as stipulated in the employment rules.

  8. We comply with related laws and regulations including the Personal Information Protection Law.

  9. Our information security measures will be promoted by the “ISO Secretariat” in accordance with the basic principles of information security.

  10. This basic policy is reviewed by the president every year.

  11. The President will revise this basic policy in a timely and prompt manner when there is a significant change in the business environment of the Company.

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